Pandora Bracelets for Women

Pandora is one of the jewelry companies, offering different jewelry but it gives mostly different charms that can be added to necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. These jewelries made by Pandora are always customizable and different charms can be added to them to give you a unique jewelry. This collection shows you different bracelets offered by Pandora with different styles, shapes, materials and metals. The bracelets can be totally made of gold, white gold or rose gold with added diamonds in some of them, or can be made of leather or fabric making a macramé style, and all of them have whether a gold or silver Pandora clasp with Pandora’s name on it. The gold used is mostly 14k gold and can rarely be 18k gold. The bracelets all have a system that makes adding charms possible and can be rearranged so you can make the bracelet of your own taste and style.

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