Photos Of Dad And Daughter In Tutus Take Internet By Storm

Tattooed dad decides to have photos taken of him and his daughter both wearing pink tutus –images take the internet by storm and are trending everywhere!

If you were a man and your daughter asked you to wear a tutu for them, would you? More than that, if you were then photographed wearing that tutu, would you allow someone to publish those photographs on social media? Well, one-year-old Lyla from Texas seems to have cast a spell over her wonderful father who, despite the macho image presented by some smart-looking tattoos, was happy to oblige his daughter’s wish.

Image Credit: jennfloydphotography

Better still, Lyla’s mother, Jenn Floyd, is a professional photographer, and she was able to take some fabulous photos of father and daughter which are likely to be a world first, as here at Stylish Eve we have never seen anything like this before, and we’ve seen a lot of father and daughter photographs, that’s for sure.

Let’s be honest, how many of you men out there would put on a tutu, no matter how much it would mean to your daughter? Clearly Lyla’s father, Casey Fields, loves his daughter way more than many dads and his daughter may be too young today to realize just how fabulous a dad she has, but when she looks back at these photographs in 20 years’ time, she will have a reminder of just what a great dad she had.

Most kids have a fancy dress or dressing up box, but that’s for kids only and you wouldn’t expect an adult to go raiding it as nothing would fit. In this instance, Casey didn’t have to try and fit into a child’s tutu as Jenn was kind enough, and talented enough, to make the tutus for both father and daughter. We’re not sure if Casey feels lucky that Jenn had those skills, but if he wished she hadn’t made him a tutu, he’s certainly hiding it well!

Have you got any photos of you and your dad in a fancy dress? If so, why not share them with us on our Facebook page?

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