Playful Rug Design Ideas for Kids Room

For a funny yet soft kid’s room, we choose rugs with original patterns & shapes to please our little sweethearts. Here are some ideas for kid’s rooms where the carpet creates the décor. To give the floor of the children’s room a very playful look, then choose colorful carpets in round shapes and multiply them to create a sticker effect that will please kids. Use different sizes & colors for a true picture on the ground. If your child likes a particular cartoon character, you can decorate his bedroom with a rug that takes his hero as a motif. You can easily find carpet models with childish patterns for Disney characters and even the little Hello Kitty cat. To create a good mood in the room, go for carpets which are decorated with drawings of a smiley with funny eyes; they give a lively touch to the ground. For fans of video games, we opt for carpets which have those game-like motifs like iconic characters or messages such as Game Over. In the kids’ room, the carpet can be a real toy! For girls, you will find carpets shaped in hopscotch and for boys there are carpets that turn into a circuit of acar.

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