Pleated Pants Suits for Men

Pleated pants were the original type of pants used in different types of suits many decades ago. They give a great style to the look of the pants and give you a formal look. Pleated pants had more popularity back in the early 90s, but are not much preferred now by all men. Pleated pants means having the fabric folded on itself and sharpened to made a fold, that fold can be sharp or can be rounded. Pleated pants can be single pleated or double pleated, single pleated means only one pleat in the middle of the pants taking its length, while double pleated means having an extra shorter pleat between the main one in the middle of the pants and the pockets. Pleated pants may suit some people more than the others, depending on the body shape, pleated pants are not slim or fit pants, they give you more space and are more comforting, that’s why some people and business men prefer wearing them, they might give a more fitting look when they are made of winter materials because they are more thick. Pleated pants are used in all types of suits, available in different colors like black, grey, blue or brown; and different materials like wool or cashmere, and they can be plain or plead or striped as well.

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