Practical Living Room Sofa-beds from IKEA

Even if this thought having been totally accepted by many people, but we can all see how having a sofa-bed is something really important and useful in a lot of homes. Sofa beds make you enjoy a regular sofa or arm chair in your living room, and also the advantage of having an extra sleeping bed when needed, this is very useful in small apartments where you don’t have enough places for adding a lot of beds, but most of the time you have friends or family members sleeping over. Many people go for sofa-beds now, and it is regular to find them in many houses. IKEA presents you a practical collection of sofa-beds that will give you chic sofas or armchairs and will make very comfortable beds when needed.

Sofa-beds presented by IKEA come in plain colors to be easily added to any living room. You will find almost all basic colors like black, white, grey, beige, brown, and navy. These colors make it impossible to find what really matches with your living room. Some sofa-beds come with a chaise lounge for extra comfort and indulgence. You will find regular sofas, and corner sofas taking the L-shape; just see what your living room needs more, and how many seating places you need. And for more comfort, you can get an extra cushion or head rest, as well. There’s also a storage box that can be placed under your sofa bed to store comforters or pillows.

IKEA also presents some sofa-bed slipcovers that help you protect your sofa and keep it away from dirt, sweat, or stains. You will find a printed slipcover which comes in navy and a floral print; this cover can make your sofa-bed eye catching and add a color accent to the room. All covers are easily removed and machine-washable.

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