Pronovias Dreams 2013 Wedding Dresses Collection

The 2013 Pronovias wedding dress collection offers you strapless bustier dresses and one shoulder dresses, with on the bottom half, a number of possibilities ranging from A-line skirts to mermaid skirts. Let’s start with the top of your wedding gown. Here, strapless bustier models are the most common option, and there is a good reason for such: they have a great fit. Seriously, almost all shapes and sizes can wear a strapless bustier gown, and it will fit in all the right places. Pronovias offers strapless bustier wedding gowns with delicate embellishments such as contrasting embroidery at the front waist or a flat ribbon around the waist. With their well-chosen location, these embellishments draw the eye to the gorgeous slim-waisted, hourglass shape the bustier gives you. Pronovias offers tops with either a heart-shaped neckline or a straight neckline.

Skinny girls will find that the straight neckline suits them perfectly while more curvaceous ladies will be better served with a heart-shaped neckline. When you want something a little different, then you can opt for a one-shoulder dress. It’s a definite eye-catcher and adds a little edge to your dress. Pronovias uses gorgeous materials such as lace or rhinestones to decorate the shoulder pieces. When it comes to the bottom part of your dress, again there are a few options when you’re getting married in 2013. When you’ve figured out the top part of your dress, then your second choice basically starts at the waist. Do you want a drop-down waist where more of the bustier top is shown or do you want your skirt to start at the slimmest part of your waist? Basically this decision is based on your body shape; boxier types should steer clear from drop-down waists while pear shapes will find them very flattering. Of course, all the fun of getting a wedding dress is in the fitting, so by all means do try on a wide variety of shapes and styles. After all, it’s for you to decide what you feel prettiest in for your big day.

The skirt itself can be feathered, layered, plain and so on. This is where you can go crazy, since the skirt is often the true eye-catcher of your dress. Keep in mind that during the ceremony people will be seeing your back most of the time and they might be quite far away. This being said; the skirt can be big. Pronovias understood this very well, offering gowns with beautifully layered skirts. Most of them have an A-line shape; sometimes with a little train of around half a meter. By the way, did you know that the word train comes from the French verb ‘trainer’ which means to drag? A special choice is the so called mermaid dress; this style is fitted till just above the knees and then flares out. This type of dress hugs your curves and is great for hourglass shapes. So there you have it, with the wide variety of dresses available at Pronovias, you’re sure to find your dream wedding gown!

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