Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Sunglasses

For all ray ban aviator lovers, this greatly unique and favored sunglasses style offered by Ray Ban through the years and never lost its shine or fame, Ray Ban is introducing another version similar to the aviators which is cats 5000. Cats 5000 resembles the ray ban aviator while giving a more modern style with the same magnificent style of aviators. Cats 5000 has a modification from aviator in having plastic frames instead of the metal frames used in aviators, thus giving a more modern look with more durable and comforting sunglasses. Cats 5000 are more fun and casual than aviators, they are available in great colors for both lenses and frames that you can choose among the style that most suits your preference. You can find black plastic frames with grey or grey gradient lenses, or for a more modern and playful look you can find a plastic frame with demi-brown color with brown gradient lens for a totally wild look. Also for women especially, a totally feminine style is available having a fuchsia frame that is glittery and has brown gradient colored lenses for a totally unique shining look that will give you so much trend and add style to your look. You can also find blue and grey colors on transparent frames that give a graduated color for a totally different look that when matched with your clothes will make a great touch of style. Cats 5000 can be worn by men and women giving you many options to choose from to protect your eyes from the sun in a trendy flaunting way. Ray Ban Cats 5000 have the Ray Ban logo on the lenses and on the frames.

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