Ray-Ban RB4147 Sunglasses

Loving Ray Ban but looking for a contemporary new pair of sunglasses? Take a look at these RB4147 sunglasses. Ray Ban released RB4147 to those who love to show themselves in the light and get much attention. This RB4147 figures a relatively large frame with rounded rectangular lenses for a super star look. RB4147 is made of propionate plastic frames making them modern, comfortable and highly durable. Frames of RB4147 are available in many colors like black, brown, white, Havana and violet. Some frames include more than one color degree for a more sophisticated look that is so eye catching. RB4147 is also available in different lens tint colors like grey, brown and green, and they can be as gradients to give a great touch. Because RB4147 model is made of big lenses, it totally covers the eyes giving maximum eye protection while at the same time giving a unique look that is easily noticed as soon as you enter any place. RB4147 is available in polarized lenses as well if you are subject to severe conditions and want to minimize the glare. RB4147 looks great on both men and women giving everyone the chance to have it. Ray Ban logo is written on the lenses and on the plastic temples of the sunglasses.

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