Red & White Wedding Cakes

Deciding the color of your wedding cake might be something really challenging for most people. Some just prefer having it totally in white to complete that white ambiance of weddings, while others wouldn’t just settle for a plain white wedding cake. If you want to incorporate another color with white in your cake, you have a lot of options that are so trendy nowadays. The choice that we are presenting you here is only for daring, passionate people who are true red lovers. Yes, we are presenting you some of the best red & white wedding cakes. Having a red & white wedding cake can be a complete disaster for some people, while for others; this just might be the perfect choice! For those who like this idea, this post gathers you various red & white wedding cakes that come in different styles, designs, tiers, and decorations. Everything is totally according to your preference. Red & white wedding cakes can be like any regular white wedding cake, with just some red tinges like some red petals thrown on the whole cake; this one is totally passionate and not overpowering if you want to keep the color effect low.

While if you really love the idea of adding the color red to your cake, you can add a whole tier in red, or maybe make your cake with lots of red decorations like adding red satin straps to outline every tier, for example. Having a red & white wedding cake doesn’t mean that it has to be totally in white and red, some people like incorporating a third color that perfectly matches with red & white for a stylish look, this can be achieved by adding some black decorations, for example, because when white, red, and black combine, the outcome is amazing. Some ideas also include adding yellow, or green. Red & white wedding cakes come in different designs; they can be round, square, or rectangular; some cakes gather different designs in the same cake. You can also make it a two, three, four or even five tier cake. Just check the wedding cakes shown below and decide your best!

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