Red, Yellow, and White Small Apartment Interior Design

Yes, you read the title right. It might be shocking, but it’s amazingly true. If you are an optimistic person who just loves to be surrounded by crazy vivid color combinations, this small apartment design will be perfect for you. Small apartments in general need light and bright colors to make them feel spacious and bright so that they become inviting and the design presented here shows a crazy combination of red, yellow and white throughout the whole design of the apartment. Red and yellow look great together; you just have to use certain hues of these two colors, specifically the hot hues, to have that amazing match. The third combined color is white, which is a very smart choice because white is perfect for small apartments, and it also balances the overpowering effect of red and yellow. If you still can’t imagine how this combination can be, just look at the pictures, and you’ll be amazed how this looks astounding like this. The main walls and the ceiling of this apartment are totally in white for a bright and plain look, and you’ll find some walls painted red or yellow.

Some rooms include the color yellow on the walls or in most of the furniture, while other rooms have the contrary. The living room is seen mostly in yellow, while the kitchen has its cabinetry totally in red which makes it amazing. The dining room comes in white, which makes it very soft while having some walls around it in red and yellow to make the room vivid and prevent it from becoming plain or boring. You’ll also find marvelous red or yellow decorating items added beside walls of the other color to complete the stunning contrast. The whole apartment is modern, which is the perfect option with this color match. Perfect white lighting is seen in the whole apartment in the form of dangling globe lights, wall lights, and dangling lamps that make the whole apartment very shiny. This apartment might not be relaxing for many as the color effect is very overpowering, but if you want somewhere that’s totally bright and intense, then this will be the perfect design for your needs.

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