Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles 2012

Ladies, say congratulations to the gorgeous star Reese Witherspoon. Why so? As she’s given birth to her third son! Okay, the main question that some of you are about to ask right now is; “have we come today only to congratulate her?” Of course not! We’ve come to do a more important thing than that which is presenting the long hairstyles worn by the famous actress since the beginnings of 2012 till the recent days. Yup, another celebrity lookbook! So let’s open it together and see what it contains, my precious readers! The first thing that you’d notice when you open today’s lookbook is that the star has opted for sporting the buns many times this year. You can see her wearing them on the red carpets and in casual places. From the last sentence, you can understand that some of these buns have been casual and loose while the rest have been tidy and elegant.

You need to know that you can see another style of updos other than the buns in this lookbook. How has it looked like?! Mmm, it’s looked like the French twist ‘do, but with one difference which is that it consisted of cascaded twists. Can you imagine it? No? In such a case, the best solution is to take a look at the attached pictures and see it! Besides the buns or updos in general, Witherspoon has done like the other long haired celebrities and opted for sporting the ponytails. Most of the times, she’s been seen wearing either the low or mid height ponys and all of them have looked stylish and eye catching. Ladies, let me ask you a question? Do you think that the new mom has worn any of the following hairdos; braids and half updos during 2012?! Don’t know! Okay, let me answer it instead of you! You need to know that Reese hasn’t been seen wearing any style of the half updos this year. Unfortunately, many of us would like to see her wearing them. What about the braids?! I know that some of her fans may say that she’s not opted for them, but that’s not true! Yup, she’s been seen once sporting a soft and sweet classic braid.

The last hairstyles that you can see in Witherspoon’s lookbook of 2012 are the down dos which have had sexy and spectacular looks. You need to know that most of these flowing hairdos have been straight. And I know that for many of you, it’s not a strange thing to hear as the ” Sweet Home Alabama” star is known by her fascination with wearing the straight down dos. Let me tell you that this doesn’t mean that she’s not charmed us with either the curly or soft wavy flowing locks at least for once or twice. Did I say that those are the last ‘dos?! Sorry for that mistake, our precious fans, there’re other ones which are the layered haircuts and I guess that there’s no need to say how much spectacular, stylish and eye catching the “Legally Blonde” star has looked like while wearing them. By mentioning the layered cuts, I can tell you that we’ve reached the end of today’s lookbook which means that nothing’s left for us to say more than wish you a glamorous look anywhere, our precious ladies and goodbyes…

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