Rihanna’s Hairstyles

For all the times you thought you can’t find a new stylish haircut that’s daring yet sexy in the same time, then let me show you Rihanna’s hairstyles that are inspiring for any woman & girl with hair colors that you can’t easily expect, she pulled off a lot of hairstyles & hair colors that gives you the guts to try them on as well. When he first appeared she had straight shoulder length hair with long bangs, then she cut her hair off in a short crop left long from the upper section & she went from there to a bob then an inverted bob then returned into a long hairstyle, in her haircuts you’ll see her wearing it straight, curly & wavy. As for the colors she had her hair in, you’ll find that she went with popping colors that really went well with her skin complex & made her shine, like; copper, black, hazel, chocolate, red, crimson & maroon, & she made them all sparkle with style. You’ll see her with her pixie hair up with in a spike, her long down curly & volumized, her loose wavy hair tousled with a headband & swept bangs, her straight long hair lift up in a messy updo twist while accessorizing it with a headband & you’ll also see her in a straight jaw length layered bob or in corkscrew & loopy curls.

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