Short Hairstyle Trends for Black Women

First things first, with a short hairstyle, it is imperative to have it cut professionally. Hairstyles on black women look best when they are left natural, but when going for a short cut, then keep in mind that you cannot vary a lot. There are a couple of options, but your main choice will be between a natural Afro hairstyle and a straightened style. When you opt to straighten your hair, then a bob is a great look! You can go for a normal symmetrical bob, or you could go for a more edgy look with an asymmetrical bob. When you don’t feel like styling your bob for a day, then it will still look good when left curly too! Want something even more edgy? Why don’t you shave part of your asymmetrical bob? This has been a trend for some time now and looks very rock ‘n roll. Several celebrities have already been spotted with this look.

The great thing with African hair is that you never have to worry about volume. There’s plenty of it! You could go for your natural tight curls or style them into a wavier, less tight hairdo. Make sure to hydrate your locks since you want your cute hairdo to shine and sparkle. One thing’s for sure; it’s not just celebs sporting this look anymore. “Real women” have quickly adopted the style and are now sporting everything from inch-long naturals to quirky pixie cuts. Black beauties simply look very elegant and stylish with a short hairstyle. An extra benefit is that they make you look taller, and they draw attention to your neck. Showing off a beautiful necklace or special detail on the neckline of your clothes is really easy with a short haircut.

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