Sleepshirts & Nighties for Women by Victoria’s Secret

Just like the actresses in the movie when they spend a night over & the next day you see them wearing a sexy loose shirt with nothing underneath for that out of control attractiveness, this is how you get that movie stars naughty look with this collection of nightshirts & tees that come in different colors & designs whether its tight or loose or you want it wild or cute. As for having the lady like sexy look you’ll find a collection of night gowns, nighties, slips & silky modal baby dolls this way you’ll get to wear it like a dress while having the softness & comfort you dream of, without feeling the nylon on your skin that makes you want to take it off after a couple of hours, as these night gowns & nighties are made for comfort & long hours wear. They are light, cozy & soft with colors that makes you eatable; red, pink, blue, purple, turquoise, grey, black or many other shades, & also they have sweet alluring prints & patterns that are eye catching like dots, leopard, stripes, plaid, script, logo, butterful or floral. Their designs will make you feel the supermodels elegance & fashion.

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