Small Balcony Design Ideas

In city apartments, the balcony may be the only outdoor place where we can enjoy some fresh & natural air. Even if you have always dreamed of a wide exterior garden where you can enjoy the beautiful spring & summer days in a refreshing atmosphere, know that you can still realize this dream in your balcony! Indeed, even the smallest balconies are able to be turned into a small version of a very pretty garden; flowery and cheerful. All depends on the decoration; it’s the key that will help you to transform your small balcony into a nice relaxing area that you may not be able to leave! To inspire you with your balcony decoration, we’ll show you many different ideas that you can use according to your space, layout and design. Come on, let’s leave our indoors for a while; it’s time for terraces & balconies! Hey, it’s spring; let’s enjoy some fresh air! Decorations, furniture, accessories and even floor dressing are the main items that will make the big difference in the whole look of your balcony. Give your balcony more vitality and colors using a fake grass carpet to dress the floor; this is one of the best ways to give your terrace the garden spirit, in addition, it’s not expensive and it will refresh the look in a moment. Now we’re done with the floor, let’s talk about walls: note that a mural garden is an excellent idea to give the balcony a natural and green look while saving space on the floor, which sounds perfect for small balcony spaces.

A mural garden actually means to use the walls as plant holders by installing shelves, hooks or any other item that allows you to hang your plant pots on that surface. You will find at the outdoor decoration shops many innovative accessories made especially for this purpose like wall suspensions designed to accommodate a big number of plant pots at the same time. Also, another idea to dress the balcony wall in a natural yet decorative look, is to choose a vine or any climbing plant to cover the whole wall surface in a very beautiful way. About furniture, this is the item that should be considered according to the balcony or the terrace space; if your space is relatively large, then you’re lucky and have the chance to add a small living area in the balcony consisting of a set of table & lounge, sofa or chairs in bamboo, wood, wrought iron…it’s up to your taste and your balcony design. However, if your terrace space is quite small, don’t be sad, you can still furnish it in a cozy way; just focus on the essentials: a small table plus two chairs are very sufficient in this case. Note that in case of very small balcony spaces, a folding table & chairs are ideal. Finally, if we pay attention to furniture and accessories, we shouldn’t forget the most important decorative item in any terrace, balcony or even garden which is flowers. How could we set the natural & springy atmosphere in our outdoor space without flowers! Enjoy adding natural flowers in all kinds and colors and give your balcony the most cheerful flowery ambience.

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