Soft Shell Jackets for Men

Soft shell jackets are mostly used by men who are used to climb hills and can include runners or athletes. A soft shell jacket is like a water proof jacket, but that is made of softer, breathable and more durable materials, because most water proof jackets are made of more stiff materials called hard shell jackets that aren’t comfortable or durable for hill climbers. Soft shells jackets are more water and wind resistant, they are more comfortable and warming than a regular water proof jacket. Soft shell jackets will give you all what you need while climbing a hill; they will keep you warm and dry and make your movements easy as well. Soft shell jackets can be made from different materials that are very soft on the skin, give you warmth and dryness and have repellant characteristics. Soft shell jackets combine the water proof characteristics but with more comfort and warmth of the fleece, however a soft shell jacket is not made from fleece and doesn’t give the warmth of a fleece jacket as well . Soft shell jackets are short jackets that are available in different colors and styles, they look great and are all made of high quality materials. They have high collars with zipped front fastening and can have many pockets in different areas of the jacket that have different sizes and are all zipped to keep your stuff safely. Soft shell jackets can also have attached hoods for extra protection for the head and ears in cold weather and in the rain.

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