Spacious Dressing Room Designs

A spacious dressing room… that’s the dream of any woman! If you are lucky to have a special room in your home dedicated only for a dressing, we are bringing to you some interesting designs to inspire you to furnish it practically to benefit perfectly from the large space you’ve got while keeping on the decorative side of the room at the same time. According to your room space and layout, you will design your dressing area; in all cases, go for practical storage units and functional accessories to gain even more space and to facilitate storing & organizing your clothes & accessories. The golden rule while designing a dressing room is to keep it organized and very well arranged. And because the decorative side in a dressing room depends basically on its clean look, always remember: as long as it’s clean & arranged, it is necessarily beautiful.

The best choice when creating your dressing room is to opt for a U-design; if your room layout allows, that will be amazing. U-shaped dressing room designs provide more comfort in movement besides being highly functional as this form allows you to benefit excellently from each wall and each corner of the room. Let your U-shaped dressing room be fully equipped, not just with closets but also with necessary accessories that make storage easier and more organized to get a clean and well-arranged dressing area. Know that angle dressing rooms are equally practical; they also provide a comfortable movement and can be equipped with a great number of storage units from floor to ceiling without cluttering the space. Just like in large kitchens, the central island is ideal; also a large dressing room can benefit from a central island as a sign of luxury. This piece is an excellent choice in spacious dressing rooms as it offers an extra storage space to organize everything that tends to drag (bags, sunglasses, scarves, shoes, etc.)

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