Stylish Wedge Cut Hairstyles for Women

The wedge cut hairstyles are becoming more and more trendy and popular among the women’s community.. The wedge cut hairstyles are one of the most wild, stylish, fashionable and glamorous hairstyles that any woman can wear. Any woman with any age from the teenagers girls to the adult women who may be over 50 can wear any style of the wedge cut hairstyles. Also, any woman with any skin color, hair color or hair texture can wear any of the wedge cut hairstyles. Once if you’ve decided to wear any of the wedge cut hairstyles, you don’t have to worry about any of the those last things. Okay, let’s get much deeper into the core of our topic!!.. The first thing that you’ve to know is what do the wedge cut hairstyles look like?!!.. The Wedge haircut is simply defined as an angled haircut, you can say it’s semi similar to the bowl cut but with longer parts in the front of the woman’s face in order to obtain the face framing.. The second thing that you need to know that you have to differentiate between the wedge cut hairstyles and the stacked hairstyles.. I’m telling you so, because many women including me myself are mixing between the both.. That’s because both of them are based on the same cutting techniques and both of them have many common hairstyles!!. So, what shall I do?!!. It’s not my fault and neither it’s yours!!.. Anyway, there are three categories of the wedge cut hairstyles which are the short wedge cut hairstyles, mid length wedge cut hairstyles and the long wedge cut hairstyles.. So, let’s take a speedy look on each one of those categories. The short wedge cut hairstyles is the most popular and trendy hairstyles among the women. That’s because they are easy to maintain, don’t need much effort or time to style and gorgeous.. The main question is “How to get the short wedge cut style?!”.. To get such a haircut style, all you have to do is to go to your hair dresser, ask him to cut the hair below the ear line and also the hair above the ear line in very sharp and angled way.. You may ask also ask your hairstylist to add some bangs, any style of the bangs hairstyles based on your personality and style!.. The next wedge cut hairstyles to talk about are the medium wedge cut category.. The medium wedge cut is for sure longer than the short wedge cut, see how smart I am?!!.. You’ve to know that it may be longer but still have the same features.. I mean the medium wedge cut styles are still easy to maintain and don’t need much effort or time to style.. To get that style, you need to cut all your hair in a straight way at the base line of the your face.. Do you get what I’m saying?!!. Specifically, you need to cut your hair in a way to leave the hair at the front slightly longer than the hair at your nape. Now, we’ve talked about the short wedge and the medium wedge cut categories.. So, the long wedge cut category is the one that we’re going to talk about!!.. The long wedge cut style is very trendy and modern look of the classic wedge cut. As it’s always been known that the wedge cut is either medium or short and there has been no long wedge cut!!. You can say that the long wedge wasn’t added at the dictionary of the wedge cut hairstyles!!… Anyway, the long wedge cut style is more feminine, soft and glamorous than the medium and the short wedge cut styles. So, you can say that the student has been more smart than its teachers!!!.. To get the long wedge cut style, you need to cut your hair at the back of your head, specifically just below your nape.. You must cut it in an angled or edgy manner, in such a way that it makes the hair at the front longer than the back.. Those are the three categories of the wedge cut styles, what about the hairstyles themselves?!!.. The most seen, popular and trendy wedge cut hairstyles are the asymmetrical bob hairstyle, the inverted bob hairstyles, the angled bob hairstyles and the pixie cut hairstyles.. All of those hairstyles are not less glamorous, elegant and stylish than the other. So, hurry up and get yourself one of those modern and elegant wedge hairstyles. Just wear it, walk with the crowds in any where and enjoy standing out from the crowds and catching all the eyes!!!!

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