Tacori Round Centre Stone Engagement Rings for Women

While getting your engagement ring, make to choose it your way and with your favorite style. If you originally love round looking jewelry pieces, then you will certainly fall in love with the round cut diamonds and make a round diamond your centre stone in your engagement ring. Round diamonds look so perfect that they are round from the upper view and the rest of the diamond takes the shape of a pyramid making the stone looking like a cone. Tacori is presenting a new collection of engagement rings that focus on round cut centre stones. These rings just look perfect and they are available with different styles and ideas for you to choose the one that catches your heart. The rings can be really simple with the solitaire idea while just having the centre stone as the only stone in the ring, or other rings can have other diamonds embedded in the ring surrounding that centre stone. Round stones can be embedded in the ring while contoured with other small stones, or can have a pave set on its sides. The collection offers endless ideas and shows different sizes that you can compare to see what most suits your finger. Also this collection has its rings varying in price according to the amount of diamonds used. For an unique touch, some of the rings can have some gemstones added to them with the diamonds, like sapphires that add a colored touch to the ring and give you a different look, also for a different look you can find a ring that has rose gold surrounding the stone.

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