Taylor Swift Hairstyles 2012

More feminine and mature from the head to toe is how the famous singer, songwriter and occasional actress Taylor Swift has looked like since the start of 2012 till now. Our main concern isn’t going to discuss either the outfits or shoes worn by her. But it’s going to be all about the hair and nothing but it! Why do you seem sort of shocked? Woman, what’s the new thing, it’s what always happened. Anyway, let’s leave that nonsense imaginary conversation and concentrate on mentioning which haircuts worn by Taylor since the year’s start? Just before doing so, I’ve to tell you few important things in hurry. First of all, Taylor’s hair has gone nowhere from being long. Secondly, she has not got rid of her admiration of having a blonde hair, but the only difference this year is that it has come in darker shade than before.

Now, let’s start! Do you remember that time when she sported a sleek straight hairstyle?! Yeah! Then, you have to know that she has worn the same hairstyle this year but with blunt bangs! In fact, the combination of the sultry, sleek straight locks flowing on her shoulders and blunt bangs has given her like super, super sexy, feminine and eye catching look. Let me not forget to mention so mature as well. Besides having a sleek straight hair, she has never forgotten about her fascination and admiration of both the curly and wavy hairstyles. But the new thing about them that they have come in more looser and softer look. That’s also besides being combined with the blunt bangs too. For your info, the blunt bangs are going to be the common factor between all the different ways that she’s dressed her hair with in 2012. Besides getting a straight, curly and wavy hair, she has not forgotten to sport her favorite and beloved side swept braids and mid height ponytails which have given her very soft and sweet look.

In addition, she has been seen wearing a straight half up half down do which has looked in very gorgeous and awesome way. Can you guess which hairstyles she has worn? Ha, think with me. Woman, time passes without no results! Besides all of the last mentioned hairdos, she has sported not quite many, but glam styles of the updos as; high, low and classic buns besides twisted, braided and loose updos. Just it! Those are the newest hairstyles worn by Taylor Swift for 2012. Despite being not so many, they’re glamorous and can suit you, my dear women in the different occasions and events especially the special and formal ones. So, take a look at them and pick the one that suits you, your face shape, hair type, personality and type of occasion or place you’re going to. Then sport it and catch all the eyes by your feminine, mature, glamorous and stunning hairdo…

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