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These Animal Paintings Look So Real They Will Blow Your Mind

Wild animals always amaze us with their beauty. There is so much power in their eyes, something majestic about the way they look. Their free spirit is what makes them stand out. They don’t answer to us. They have their own amazing lives and adventures. Many stories have tried to capture what goes on in their minds. We will never know. From the jungle book to Dr. Dolittle, I can say we can only guess. The mystery will remain intact. As we cannot unravel their mystery, we can only enjoy their beauty. There are many videos and photos for us to enjoy their beauty. Today, we are going to enjoy their beauty in paintings.

Image Credit: Ricky Dampers

Ricky Dampers is an artist. He uses charcoal pencils to draw wild animals. This is how he introduces himself on his Instagram page: “I am a wildlife artist and a conservationist. I capture animal beauty.” He is so talented that you would mistake his paintings for black and white photos. His attention to detail is apparent in every single painting. Dampers also paints endangered species to raise awareness that one day those beautiful animals will disappear. His paintings are simply amazing, and we’re waiting for more.

#1 This Peaceful Rhino

#2 This Dog that Looks So Alive

#3 This Fierce War Cry

#4 This Beautiful Jack Russell

#5 This African Wild Dog

#6 The King

#7 The Spectacular African Wild Dog, Again

#8 This Peaceful Springbok

#9 The Eyes are Magical

#10 The Details are Intricate

Tell us in the comments which painting is your favorite? If you would love to enjoy more articles about animals, you can check here. And for more fun articles, you can check our latest on the most creative Photoshop edits.

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