Three Button Suits for Men

Three button suits are one of the most traditional suit styles available and preferred by men. Three buttoned suits have been used and worn by men long years ago, but are now coming to be trendy again with more fashioned divisions. Three button suits are known to be better looking on taller men, the jacket suits tall men better and gives them a better look, while they might make a short guy look even shorter and squared. Three button suits usually have the top one or two buttons fastened, while the last bottom button is never to be fastened or it will give a weird look. Three button suits are available with different styles and materials to choose according to your preference, and they will give the formal look you want. Most three button suits have centre vents, they are single breasted. Some three button suits have 3 pieces, they have a suit vest that matches the suit and gives a great formal look. Three buttoned jackets can also be tail jackets, giving you a unique timeless look that is always great in wedding and different occasions. Three button suits have hand pockets that can have flaps, they have chest pockets as well and they may have inner pockets.

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