Too Cute Alert! This Doe-eyed Dog Looks Like a Real-life Disney Character

Meet Winnie, a three-month-old cocker spaniel from the UK who has taken the internet by storm.

Meet Winnie, a three-month-old cocker spaniel from the UK who has taken the internet by storm. So, what makes Winnie so special? Well, it should have struck you immediately you saw her photo what amazingly human-like eyes she has, complete with long eyelashes that would make any woman jealous. This dog is just too cute for words.\

Image Credit: winnie_thecocker

Many people who have seen her photos think that she must be a princess and who can blame them. Not only that, but she is also a social media phenomenon with over 2.3 million views of her video and 181.6 thousand followers on TikTok, along with 330k fans on Instagram. This dog is destined to become a serious “petfluencer”, that’s for sure.

From the moment Winnie’s owners, Ellée and Tom, began to post images of Winnie, her stunning looks proved a huge attraction and yet it might surprise you to learn that she has so many followers from just 29 post, which just goes to show that if you are going to be a star, you don’t need to post images of yourself all over the internet, just let your fans do it for you!

There’s also good news for those of you who love cocker spaniels, as Winnie has an equally cute brother, Presley, who also has his own social media pages and who already has 40k followers of his own on Instagram. However, Presley is just a cute puppy who doesn’t quite have the same Disney-like looks that his more famous sister has.

So, what do you think? Isn’t Winnie one of the most human-looking puppies you have ever seen, who would be perfect cast as a princess in a Disney movie?

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