Top Dessert Ideas for Christmas Eve 2012

After the big, tasty Christmas Eve dinner, everybody is waiting for the dessert to end this great meal with a delicious Christmas dessert. Amaze your family & guests with one of these wonderful dessert idea; each of them isn’t just wonderful in its taste, but also in its one of a kind shape and appearance. Discover this collection of the best dessert ideas for Christmas 2012. Häagen Dazs, the king of Ice Cream, presents for Christmas 2012 an irresistible Round iced cake with Macadamia Nuts, meringue raspberry sorbet, and pistachio biscuit, for 6 to 8 persons. Price: 43 Euros. Lenôtre offers a very unique cake design for this Xmas, which consists of intense black chocolate cream, candied Blueberry, and is topped with a red fruit heart with a crispy center—a limited edition from 14 to 24 December inclusive, for 8/10 persons. Price: 145 Euros.

Another extraordinary cake includes a crispy hazelnut base, soft honey biscuit, milk chocolate, creamy milk chocolate caramel, fudge, and tender heart caramel. The size is enough for 6 persons. It’s available from 5/12 to 26/12, 2012 for 85 Euros at Dalloyau. Another one is an iced cake with vanilla ice-cream and Tahiti Clementine sorbet from Hugo & Victor, for 6/8 persons. Price: 78 Euros. A luxury Christmas dessert from La Maison du Chocolat looks unbelievably attractive and is composed of a dark chocolate mousse with fresh Clementine zest, a soft center with milk chocolate caramel and thin crunchy dark chocolate and a cocoa sponge cake soaked in fresh Clementine juice. It’s decorated with stars in dark and milk chocolate and covered in gold leaf and sugar flakes. It’s available in stores on 24 and 25 December, 2012. One size, 6/8 persons. Price: 120 Euros.

A very delicious cake from Picard consists of a strawberry sorbet on a Magdalene biscuit with lemon jam, all wrapped in a red fruit sorbet. Enough for 8 persons, price: 13 Euros. If you are looking for a cheaper dessert, this Christmas, Carrefour presents a very nice cake composed of a strawberry sorbet and a checkerboard center combining coconut with red fruit sorbet, for 8/10 persons. Also, you will find at Monoprix this beautiful Christmas cake with chocolate ice cream and iced heart in salted butter caramel and vanilla over a meringue bed. For 6/8 people. Price: 9.99 Euros. And at Viennetta, there is this adorable iced cake in pistachio with vanilla ice flavor, chocolate sauce, and crispy biscuit. Size: 650 ml, price: 2.95 to 3.05 Euros.

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