Trends for Women – Architectural Shapes

The creativity of designers has virtually no limits. This season they have been bringing lots of architectural shapes which sometimes seem to be from outer space. We are talking lots of angles and sharp cuts here. And what’s more, we don’t only see clothes in this trend, plenty of shoes are rather special looking this season, too! What exactly is it designers do to achieve this special, otherworldly look? It can be big silhouettes, minimal decoration, sharp lines, unorthodox shapes, enormous shoulders, high-tech fabrics, padding in odd places and eye-catching colors. So don’t be mistaken, you won’t literally see a reference to a famous building in a piece of clothing. It’s more about the general idea behind both fashion and architecture, taking a basic necessity like shelter or clothing to the next level. With both architecture and clothing it’s about self-expression of both the designer and the consumer.

It takes great skill to design these kinds of pieces; the clothes have to fit the body yet they often have a completely different shape. Especially the New York runways were filled with architectural shapes which will soon be hitting stores near you. With this look it’s all about less is more; let the garment do the talking without accessories or other embellishments. Get inspired by sleek NYC buildings, Lady Gaga or the runways from Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Acne, Martin Margiela or Hussein Chalayan. Process the looks in your head and come up with a way to incorporate architecture into your own style. It’s a given you don’t need to be as over the top as the models on some runways, it’s all about making this trend your own and feeling comfortable. It might be as simple as incorporating some sleek, sharp pieces into your wardrobe. The Swedes are very good at keeping it simple, so it might be worth checking out some Swedish brands to get the look for less.

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