Unique Vases for Original Décor

Flowers… synonym of delicacy, beauty and freshness! What could be better to decorate our homes? If flowers are considered as an important decorative item that gives life to any interior decor, know that they are the best; flowers per se are not a subject that varies from the classic to the modern style, they have been and will always stay the prettiest way to decorate any home and give it an irresistible natural spirit full of cheeriness & delight. However, vase designs do vary according to styles: Vases which highlight the beauty of flowers are an indispensable accessory that can’t be absent in any elegant home from the classic to the most contemporary one. If you are looking for original vase designs for your modern or even minimalist interior, you’ll find in this post an interesting collection of the most innovative vase models to bring a very unique look to your contemporary home.

If you like the urban decorative style, you’ll fall in love with these awesome vases that take the form of urban buildings: very original and so attractive! For a modern yet very subtle style, opt for these simple white vases with a black silhouette that frames the shape of the vase in a very graphic look. Why don’t you cover the vase with a warm dress in winter? These pretty vases with tricot covers look so soft & cocooning for a warm décor in fall & winter. If the success of incandescent bulbs is dropping, their decorative look is on the rise! This is demonstrated with this range of very innovative vases shaped in bulbs! Their effect is very original & eye catching. For a minimalist decoration, choose a vase with a very geometric design that matches very well with clean lines and sleek furniture.

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