Vera Wang Front and Back Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

Vera Wang does it again! With her spring 2013 collection she shows brides-to-be how to stand out on their big day. The collection features many shades of red ranging from dahlia to scarlet, crimson and even vermillion; all exuding seduction and romance. Very unusual choices for wedding gowns, but unusual is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, Wang’s spring 2013 bridal collection is simply gorgeous and will have many of us swooning.

Wang of course does what she is best at and that’s creating dramatic dresses with layers upon layers of chiffon folds, draped so beautifully that some of them resemble roses. Usually her collections feature no lace, but the spring 2013 collection seems to be an exception. Wang has used lace in as many as three dresses, with two of them having a full layer of intricate lace peeking out from under some draped folds in the skirt. The most breathtaking piece of this collection must be the third gown with lace details. From the front it looks like a typical Wang wedding dress with a simple, fitted bustier top whose simplicity is contrasted by a skirt with lots of ruffles. It’s only from the back that the true beauty of this dress really shows with hundreds of flowy, draped folds in a sheer lace appliqué fabric.

It’s not just the color that is special. A couple of dresses have one or two small embellishments on the hips, also a rather unusual place since these sorts of decorations are usually featured front center. As far as shape is concerned, Wang sticks to her favorites. Most of the dresses are classic bustier gowns, but there are some with one or two shoulder straps as well and even some high-neckline dresses too. The skirts are business as usual for Wang with a limited choice between either an A-line skirt from the waist down or a fishtail skirt. Depending on what you would like to show off the choice is easily made. Tiny waist? A-line skirt all the way! Curves in all the right places? The mermaid dress is your best friend.

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