Versace Jewelry for Women

Get out of the ordinary and learn how to indulge yourself with value, Versace is offering a special collection of luxurious jewelry just to take your mind out of the bloom. Versace has always been known as one of the best brands available ever, all what Versace offers is totally unique and holds a special style of its own, making each piece of jewelry a master piece. This collection is all of high quality, colorful, valuable and lively. You will find in this collection consisting of a set of a ring, necklace and a pair of earrings featuring the same style that has a ring style of pave diamonds and centered with a round amethyst cabochon, each piece has Versace logo, all in 18k rose gold. Also you will find three rings featuring the same style with diamonds with the center stone being smoky quartz in gold, cogolong in white gold or pink opal in rose gold. Other type of ring is available in white gold with white diamonds or gold in yellow sapphires or in gold only. For gemstone lovers that want to get a magnificent ring that will shine in great colors, Versace is offering a certain style of rings with greca motif is found on rose gold, white gold or yellow gold rings, where the rose gold ring has an amethyst rectangular gemstone, the white gold ring ha a rectangular green gemstone and the yellow gold has a rectangular honey quartz. Also this collection offers some gold diamond bands, where one of them is a wide flat band with greca motif on the thickness of the band and Versace letters in pave diamonds on the surface of the band, other bands have pave diamonds along the band featuring Versace greca fret or Versace’s Medusa head on the top, bands are available in 18k yellow gold.

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