Versace Watches for Women

For Versace, a watch is not just a time indicator to look at when you want to know what time is it, Versace has taken the whole meaning of watches to another women that will impress all women who like to show in the latest fashion. A Versace watch is like an essential part of every woman’s accessories that have a great effect on her style and how she looks and how it reflects a great impact on her colors and look. These Versace watches are totally cool, they are available in many different color combinations that are full of live and style. These watches are available in different strap materials; like rubber, alligator that can be with round scales or strap pattern, genuine lizard, genuine crocodile, yellow gold, rose gold or satin. These materials are of course rare and hard to be found in a high quality like what Versace offers, thus giving you a unique watch. You can find different matches of colors is you would like a modern cool casual watch to be worn in the morning, also you can find many classical looks for the evening or a business meeting, and if you want to have a luxurious watch you can try the yellow gold or rose gold ones that are so classy and simple. Versace also added different diamonds and gemstones like sapphires in different colors, rubies, amethyst or topaz in different colors that match the color of the watch. You can find Medusa head in the centre some of the watches, also you can find one of the styles having its gold straps like small spheres and this watch is available in rose gold or stainless steel. Versace watches also have different dial materials that can be like enamel, ceramic or mother of pearl, some watches have an inside calendar and others have the chronograph movement style. Also one of the unique eye catching styles available by Versace in this collection is a style having “clous de Paris” decoration on the surface of the watch with different gemstones having their colors matching the strap of the watch. Many different lively colors are available like yellow, blue, pink, and purple, orange, black and white, so you can match the watch with your clothes or just pick it in your favorite color.

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