Very Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Since the apartment spaces are no more large & spacious like before, the space of the kitchen is normally reduced. Although a very small kitchen could be the worst scenario for most women, but you still have to deal with it; don’t be depressed, the good news is that there is no more problem called “small kitchen”. In fact, kitchen designers never stop innovating and solving all space problems, so now it’s very easy to have a kitchen that is comfortable, stylish and most of all practical in a minimum of space, thanks to some smart solutions and functional ideas. We present you this inspiring collection of very small kitchen designs with many creative ideas and space-saver solutions to help you create a very practical, yet very decorative tiny kitchen. When we have limited space, we optimize every corner. So, go for high shelves, large closets and storage units especially under the worktop, no matter how small it is because it’s so practical to have kitchen tools in hand while preparing food, so it is always useful to benefit from the space under the worktop. Your kitchen floor space may be very small because you need free space to move, but on the walls, you don’t! A golden rule for small spaces; always think vertically.

The vertical space is always ideal to use; don’t hesitate to install big kitchen cabinets on the wall to the ceiling to accommodate all your kitchen storage. If you live in a studio, your kitchen, your living room, and your bedroom are probably in the same area. For this, it is preferred to get a raised bed so the floor space would be reserved for the kitchen and the living area, then delimit the kitchen area on one wall. You can choose white kitchen furniture to brighten the interior without being too remarkable. Now, there are even more innovative solutions for studio interiors like having the bed on top of the kitchen! Seems bizarre? It’s unusual but really practical; the idea is to install the bed on top of the upper wall cabinet in the kitchen; this way the space is saved and you still have a comfortable, invisible sleeping area. If your apartment interior layout has a recess, it will be the perfect place to install a small kitchen. On one side, place the kitchen necessary elements like the oven, stove and refrigerator and on the other install storage units to make the space more practical. If you don’t have enough space to create a dining room, do not hesitate to use the larger room in your apartment as a kitchen and dining room. It will be sufficient to install in a small dining area some kitchen units.

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