Wood Dining Room Furniture

The Japanese furniture style is always known by its simplicity and originality. This dining set, designed by the famous Japanese architect Toyo Ito for Horm, is an example for a Japanese creative style that can turn the simplest materials into a piece of art. The dining set is made of wood and has a very simple design; it’s a typical Japanese rectangular table with backless chairs and a bench. The set is decorated by beautiful circular rings that remind us of tree trunks which match with the natural look of the wooden furniture set. Those circular rings are not just good looking but also are providing a comfortable setting. The glass top of the dining table is adding an elegant look and it doesn’t cover the circular rings that decorate the table’s base. This dining set is available in different colors besides wood including cherry, oak and walnut. Another advantage of this set is that it’s very suitable for any modern furnishing style with its simple and natural design. This dining set can add to your dining room a stylish touch and make it look very unique.

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